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ASPEN Leaflet. Volume 26, Number 1

In This Issue

  • Protective System Maintenance Program
  • Transmission Line Loadability
  • Generator Loadability
  • Relay Performance during Stable Power Swings
  • Coordination for Performance during Fault
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One stop protection condition analysis

Traditionally, testing protection systems in power distribution networks has been a time-consuming process involving many separate steps. Now however, an alternative approach is available which allows all key aspects of the protection system to be tested simultaneously, leading to big time savings. Stefan Larsson of Megger explains.

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Handy Testing Tips #2


RCD Testing

The new Electricity Safety Regulations 2010 cite AS/NZS30000:2007 ‘Electrical Installations' as the standard for mandatory testing of electrical installations to comply with these new regs.

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Handy Testing Tips #1



The new Electrical Safety Regulations 2010 came into effect April 1st 2010. These new regulations replace the Electricity Regulations 1997.

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