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Automotive Testing

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Simplifying Electrical Diagnosis [49 pages]

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Multi-use Circuit-Tester with built-in diagnostic power.

This tool simplifies the testing of fuse boxes, verifies correct operation of motors, lights, relays, sensors, wires, and communication-circuits. The large LCD color display makes for easy viewing in direct sunlight or complete darkness. The Maestro wirelessly pairs with our Power Probe Tek App. This allow for a wireless remote display as well as data streaming or recording. All of this information can be emailed, exported or simply saved for future reference. The Power Probe Tek app is available for iOS and Android platforms.

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Power Probe 3EZ - PP3EZREDCS

Digital Voltmeter that provides diagnostic power with the flip of a switch

This tool simplifies the testing of fuse boxes, verifies correct operation of motors, lights, relays and wires. This tool has a navigation menu and we’ve added two new menu options: EZ LEARNING and EZ DIAGNOSTICS.

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Power Probe 4 Master Combo Kit PPKIT04

Combines the Power Probe 4, PPECT3000 and various accessories to provide the ultimate combination of diagnostic and circuit-testing capabilities.

The Power Probe 4 provides simplified testing of Motors, Lights, Relays, and Sensors, and even Fuel Injectors. Also, like all Power Probe circuit-testers, it supplies Power and Ground for functional component testing on or off the vehicle. The PPECT3000 will help you trace short and open circuits quickly and accurately

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Power Probe OBD-II Breakout Box - PPECB

A CAN Bus circuit tester compatible with 12 and 24 Volt systems.

The tool connects directly into the Vehicle’s Data Link Connector (DLC) testing for any abnormalities such as shorting and reverse polarity at the pins. If shorting or reverse polarity is present, connecting the PPECB first will prevent harm before connecting a Diagnostic Scan Tool. The Breakout Box provides a live display of present communicating signals without having to use a Digital Multimeter. Additionally, you can quickly test the voltages at all 16 pins.

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Power Probe DC Volt Tester PPTVM01

DC Voltage Tester is an easy-to-use tool that can quickly test for voltage

Perfect for testing batteries, lighting systems, trailer connections, and more. This voltage tester is self-powered with an 18″ cable. LCD displays voltage readings from 5 volts to 35 volts.

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AT-10 Digital Tachometer provides fast and accurate contact and Non-contact RPM and surface speed measurements of rotating objects.

  • Wide measurement range and high resolution
  • 40 readings memories
  • Built-in laser pointer
  • 5 digits LCD display