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Cable Diagnostics

Cable testing and diagnostics provides information about the cable’s global condition (e.g. the cable’s overall insulation system), and will reveal localised problems, such as poor joints and terminations; it will also reveal localised weak spots in the insulation.

MV Cable Diagnostics technology

AVO New Zealand conducts a demonstration in Wellington of MV Cable Diagnostics technology to members of the NZ Power Industry

vlf insulation testing equipment

VLF Testing

  • VLF COSINE Rectangular
  • Cable Test Vans

Various cable tests are carried out to spot potential failures before they can cause severe outages. Megger and HVInc cable test equipment provides access to all of the technology needed to make informed cable management decisions through the different stages of the cable’s life cycle.

Newly laid cables may be tested to reveal any faults arising from transportation or installation

During the life of power cables, older PE/XLPE insulation cables may require testing to assess aging, particularly water-tree growth, which causes sections of the cable to weaken.

Another way to save costs is to efficiently replace cables based on their condition. For critical cables that are already in operation, permanent or periodic condition analysis can identify potential faults, so that planned, condition-based maintenance work can be carried out. This avoids unplanned outages and again, the associated costs that would otherwise be incurred by network failure.

Cable testing diagnostics thCable Testing & Diagnostics –

Solutions for Medium Voltage Networks (1 kV - 36 kV)

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Cable testing diagnostics thA Short, but Representative, ‘Perspective Piece’
on Industry Uptake of ‘Near 50 Hz’ PD Testing Internationally –

Trevor Lord

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Megger TDM45 Series

Cable Test and Diagnostic System – PD, VLF Sinus, VLF CR, DAC, Tan Delta

  • Cable testing, cable diagnosis and sheath testing in one device
  • Enables standard compliant high power VLF testing at 0.1 Hz (5 µF @ 40 kVrms)
  • Internal tanDelta measurement with automatic result interpretation
  • Partial discharge diagnosis using VLF Sine wave, Damped AC or 50/60 Hz Slope technology voltages
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