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Megger SFX40

Megger SFX40

A portable, trolley mounted or vehicle installed multi-functional system for converting cable faults in LV/11/22/33/66kV Cable Systems. 

The SFX 40 is a mobile, multifunctional system for testing, converting, prelocation and pinpointing cable faults in low and medium voltage networks. The system is controlled directly via the connected Teleflex SX reflectometer or the integrated control panel. Depending on the installation, the HV is controlled either by the network and HV control integrated in the device or by a separate HV ON/ OFF box. All functions of the system can be easily performed using the selector knob. The software supports easy and clear handling, even for inexperienced users. At the same time, the highest degree of safety is guaranteed.

  • Easy to operate using the selector knob on the Telefl ex SX or the touchscreen
  • High surge energy up to 2,000 joules
  • Voltage source with 40 kV
  • All HV location methods integrated: ARM, ICE, DECAY, ICE Plus
  • Sheath fault location up to 10 kV
  • Maximum safety thanks to external safety equipment and integrated isolating transformer
  • Reflectometer can be used separately

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