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Cable Fault Locators

Faults are the “natural enemy“ of reliability. A cable fault can cause an expensive unplanned outage or delay the commissioning of a new part of the network, so they need to be found and rectified quickly to enable new connections or restore the consumers’ supply.

Engineers can find underground cable faults by accurately determining the distance to the fault (prelocation) and subsequently determining the exact location of the fault (pinpointing).

Cable fault location on power and communication cables is a specialised area of expertise, but Megger fault locators make it simple: each instrument’s intuitive operation guides you through the fault finding process. Innovative Megger products make it possible for the user to quickly find and localise cable faults without causing damage to fault-free parts of the cable, using well-defined fault finding techniques and the appropriate test equipment.

Cable fault location thCable Fault Location –

Typical cable faults in a Medium Voltage Network (up to 36 kV)

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Cable Catalogue BR EN 1Megger Cable Catalogue –

Find all your cable faults and maintain your network to prevent outages.

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