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Corona Cameras & Detectors

  • An essential tool for the managment of MV & HV lines
  • Stunning range for all applications
  • Impressive application support & training
  • Prices to suit all budgets

CoroCAM 7

The CoroCAM 7 is a professional grade solar blind, easy to operate UVc imaging system used to visualize & locate electrical discharges (corona and arcing) from HV hardware. The CoroCAM 7 features the same CoroCAM solar blind UVc imaging system as used in the CoroCAM 6d®, but pairs it with a high performance visible camera and a viewfinder. The CoroCAM 7 is typically used to inspect HV infrastructure operating at 3.3 Kv and above for corona discharges and arcing.

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CoroCAM 8

Combined Infra Red, Corona, and Visible camera

The CoroCAM 8® is a combined thermal IR, solar blind corona and video camera. It features a high spec Sony visible camera, a radiometric FLIR thermal IR camera and a solar blind UV camera. The CoroCAM 8® is intended for use by professional HV inspectors. The combination of these 3 cameras makes it possible to do both thermal IR and UV inspections at the same time, saving time and e ort. Co-location of electrical discharges and hot spots give the inspector more insight into the cause of a fault. The CoroCAM 8® can be used to inspect HV infrastructure operating at 3.3kV and above.

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CoroCAM 6D

The CoroCAM 6D offers a stunning combination of features, performance, and price that is not typically seen on cameras of this type.  It is very popular indeed with the MV/HV lines inspection teams and is a proven performer.

  • Low-cost, high performance, high sensitivity
  • On-board video, still, and voice recording
  • Simple operation
  • Integrated GPS
  • The ideal linesman’s tool tool
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