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UHF Transformer Sensors

UHF Transformer Sensors

Valve Sensor TVS2 & Flange Sensor TFS1 

UHF transformer sensors can be used to detect internal PD on power transformers in a frequency range between 300 MHz and 1 GHz. The UHF frequency range can be chosen under difficult on-site conditions, such as high impact of the measurements due to corona discharges or other disturbances within the typical HF range (100 kHz to 10 MHz).

UHF sensors are suitable for retrofitting as well as for pre-installation. The sensitivity can be proven by injecting an impulse generator signal  in the UHF range into the system. UHF PD signals can be used for PD pattern analysis as well as for triggering acoustic measurement systems, like the FOS4, for instance. Power Diagnostix provides the TFS1 for valve flanges and the TVS2 for oil valves. Both sensors can be modified and designed in accordance of special customer specifications.

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