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Precision Measurement

TTi 1906

5.5 Digit LED Bench Multimeter

Without doubt the Thurlby-Thandar model TTi 1906 is the ultimate choice for the most advanced needs of any lab in this industry sector yet it comes at a price that will impress anyone!

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TTi 1705

Dual Measurement LCD Bench Multimeter

In this category of multi-meter use, every option simply has to exceed the capability of the hand-held packages.  The highly respected, popular, and well-priced Thurlby-Thandar (TTi) model 1705 does not disappoint in this regard!  In essence it is a 4¼ digit meter with a scale length of 12,000 counts and a resolution of 10μV, 10mOhm, and 0.1μA.

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TTi 1604

40,000 Count LED Bench Multimeter

Providing the obvious entry point in advanced DMM’s for the budget-conscious lab environments from tertiary environments to the electronics professionals, the Thurlby-Thandar (TTi) model 1604 is a 40,000 count auto/manual ranging bench multi-meter that offers a very tidy range of features for its modest outlay. It offers 4¾ digit (40,000 count) scale length via a large and bright LED display, true RMS ac measurements, a basic accuracy of 0.08% and a resolution of 10μV, 10m Ohm and 0.1μA, all as you would expect.

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