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TTi 1705

TTi 1705

Dual Measurement LCD Bench Multimeter

In this category of multi-meter use, every option simply has to exceed the capability of the hand-held packages.  The highly respected, popular, and well-priced Thurlby-Thandar (TTi) model 1705 does not disappoint in this regard!  In essence it is a 4¼ digit meter with a scale length of 12,000 counts and a resolution of 10μV, 10mOhm, and 0.1μA.

Combined with a high basic dcV accuracy of 0.04%, it provides measurements that are an order of magnitude better than most hand-held DMM’s!  Mains or battery operated, a great feature in this environment, the 1705 can measure and display two signals simultaneously. These can be two parameters of one signal (e.g. ac volts & dc volts) or two signals applied to different sockets (e.g. ac volts & ac current).

Naturally it is packed with features, listed below, but other very handy highlights include % deviation, limits comparisons, power measurement in Watts or VA, and a ‘tracking hold’ feature to capture stable readings in widely-varying data environments.  Perusing the features below, the ITTI 1705 is the clear choice for the lab that really still wants the best of capabilities in a single package without stretching the budget:

  • High performance 12,000 count auto ranging DMM
  • High accuracy and resolution: 0.04%, 10μV, 10m
  • Dual display and dual measurement technology
  • Large and clear LCD (17mm digits) with annunciators
  • True RMS ac functions; Frequency and Capacitance
  • Wide range of computing functions, e.g. Ax + b
  • 100 step data-logger, timed or triggered logging
  • RS232 interface standard, GPIB interface optional
  • Mains and battery operation as standard

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