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Megger MFT1845

Megger MFT1845

The MFT1845 offers a wide range of test functions designed to make testing on low voltage electrical systems fast and easy. The MFT1845 is IEC 61010 CAT IV 300 V rated for safe connection anywhere within the LV network on single and 3 phase systems.

The unique modern styling allows it to be operated while stood on the floor, whilst up a ladder or platform, and optimised for hanging around the user’s neck. Dual TEST and LOCK buttons - one pair at each end - makes the testers easy to operate left or right handed.

  • Enhanced non-trip loop impedance measurement technology
  • “Confidence meter” loop measurement analysis (patent pending)

New Loop Impedance testing technology:

The MFT1845 includes a new non-trip loop testing technology that:

  • Prevents any influence the RCD may present to the total loop impedance value.
  • Faster non-trip loop testing down to 8 seconds.

This technique also allows testing of loop impedance through 10 mA type AC and Type A RCDs.

New “Confidence meter*” measurement analysis (Patent pending)

Overlaying the new non-trip loop impedance measurement is the new Megger “Confidence meter”. As loop impedance values can be dramatically affected by circuit noise, the Confidence Meter displays the degree of confidence in the accuracy of the measured loop impedance. Using the digital ARC to indicate the analytical process, the measurement is continually monitored and adjusted when circuit noise is present, resulting in a dramatically improved and repeatable test result.

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