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Megger Baker ZTX

Megger Baker ZTX

Low-Impedance Coil Test Accessory

Extend the functionality of Baker DX and Baker AWA-IV analyzers to tests of low-impedance DC windings or coils

Low-impedance coils typical of DC armatures, coils or interpoles can make it difficult to detect insulation weaknesses. The low inductance characteristics of armature windings require high test currents to achieve the minimum voltage levels needed to accurately detect insulation weaknesses. The Baker ZTX provides the necessary current at low test voltages to find insulation problems when using Baker static motor analyzers.

Compatible with 6 kV, 12 kV and some 15 kV models in the Baker DX and Baker AWA-IV static analyzer families, the ZTX extends the types of coils that can be tested.

Key Benefits

The Baker ZTX is designed with a proprietary impedance transformer that enables 6 kV, 12 kV and some 15 kV. Baker static motor analyzers to accurately detect DC motor problems, including:

  • weak or damaged winding insulation
  • turn-to-turn (winding) shorts
  • turn-to-turn (winding) opens
  • coil imbalances
  • connection problems
  • commutator bar insulation problems

The device also helps locate commutator spurs sometimes produced by under-cuts in the manufacturing process.

Probe and clip fixtures provide easy access through inspection plates on assembled motors, which makes it easier to perform tests on field pieces or interpoles.

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