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Outram PM4000

Outram PM4000

8 Input Power Quality Recording Analyser with waveform capture

The Power Master 4000 is a phase A powered, 3 phase power quality analyser with harmonics to the 50th, flicker and automatic reports.

About The PM4000

Full Power Quality Survey. No Fuss.

  • Pre-loaded PQ survey configuration means hook it up and start recording. No thresholds, no fuss, all the results you need.

Nuisance Tripping? Record without thresholds.

  • No thresholds need to be set for detailed event or waveform capture. Is it the supply or your installation causing the trip?

Safe, Long Term Recording.

  • A 600V Cat IV (1000V Cat III) analyser powered off phase A or 12Vdc charger. Remote comms available via our mobile app. PMGateway.
  • With FIFO mode and automatic download to USB, carry on recording until a specific event occurs, then collect your data.

Solve Customer Complaints Quickly.

  • Advise customers competently on voltage surges, dips, flicker or harmonics problems comparing any data streams in the Outram Research Ltd Software, Pronto for Windows, e.g. RMS voltage and Instantaneous Flicker, on the same graph.
  • Minimise customer disruption by finding problems quickly using Adaptive StoreTMRecord single cycle detail during events with no thresholds set.
  • Comprehensive, quick, consistent reports using graph and table templates in Pronto for Windows.

Preventative Maintenance

  • Monitor your power quality over time to detect any problems before they cause equipment failure or costly down time.

Check Pre and Post Equipment Installation

  • Benchmark before and check after the installation of new equipment to ensure quality of service has been maintained.

Monitor Your Motor Performance.

  • Are your machines deteriorating due to poor power quality? Observe the supply to your motors, checking for unbalance and harmonics in real time.

Key Features Include

  • Harmonics measured to IEC61000-4-7, Flicker Measured to IEC61000-4-15
  • Events captured to the EN50160 Standard.
  • Rugged, portable case is pad-lockable. Unit is IP65, reliable and easy to use.
  • 32 Channels of detailed recording down to a single cycle when an event occurs, without setting any thresholds, using our unique Single Cycle Adaptive Storage™ recording process..
  • Waveforms recorded on 8 inputs simultaneously. Select transients, notches, rings, sags, surges, THD, and/or TH Current. No need to set thresholds due to our Auto-Ranking Waveform Capture.
  • 13 Pre-loaded configurations are set for 3 and single phase hook ups with a variety of recording channels. These are selected for measuring voltage, current, real power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, harmonics, flicker, unbalance, distortion and more.
  • The PM4000 runs off the voltage being measured. For voltages < 104V use an AC/DC 12V charger.
  • Battery back up provides 10 minutes resettable, timed ride-through in case of power outage. Automatic start up when power returns if within recording period or in FIFO mode.
  • PM4000 user interface, PMScreen, is available as an Android mobile phone app. This phasor diagram display is a graphical touch screen interface that enables configuration, ensures correct hook up, provides suggestions upon detecting errors and advises if a current sensor is the wrong way round.
  • HELP in PMScreen guides users through configuration and hook up – just hold down the relevant button.
  • Safety: 600V Cat IV, 1000V Cat III, pollution level 2 unit. Compact, will fit in most panels and allow the door to be closed. Safely review data via Bluetooth while the unit is locked away in a cupboard.
  • Hook-Up Guide and Configuration Guide as well as a manual help you get your set-up right every time.
  • Data analysis is easy with our comprehensive,  in-house software Pronto for Windows (included in your kit). Data also available as .xls, .csv, PQDIF.
  • Fused voltage leads and internally fused voltage inputs protect this valuable equipment.
  • Capable of storing up to 127 configuration or data files.
  • Field programmable software and firmware updates.

pdf iconData Sheet

Selection Guide

  [PM7000] Power Quality Analyser


[PM4000] Power Quality Analyser


[PM3000] Power Quality Analyser


[PM1000] Power Quality Analyser


No. Voltage Channels

4 4 3 1

Voltage Range AC

0-600Vrms or 0-1000Vrms (L-L and L-N). 0-848Vpk or 0-1414Vpk Transient voltages up to 4000V 0-600Vrms or 0-1000Vrms (L-L and L-N). 0-848Vpk or 0-1414Vpk Transient voltages up to 4000V 0-480Vrms or 0-600Vrms 0-678Vpk or 0-848Vpk 0-270 Vrms 0-381Vpk

Voltage Range DC


No. Current Channels

4 4 3 1

Current Range AC

0-400.0A or 0-6000A 0-400.0A or 0-6000A 0-50.00A, 0-400.0A or 0-3000A 0-50.00A or 0-1000A

Current Range DC

    Variable with relevant current clamps  

Ability to Measure Neutral

Differential Voltage Channels


Detailed Recording Channels

32 32 16 16

General Parameters


DC Measurement


Fault Level


Flicker (Plt, Pst, Pinst, Pflag)

Highest order of individual harmonics

50th (127th Optional) 50th (127th Optional) 15th 15th







Power Factor

Unbalance (V & I)

Frequency 45-65Hz (Can automatically detect 50 or 60Hz nominal)

InRush Current

K Factor


Symmetrical Components


Single Cycle Adaptive Store

Data logging time interval single cycle to 12hrs or Auto-variable with Adaptive Store

Sag / Swell / Outage Monitoring

High Speed Waveforms with AutoRanking Waveform Capture

Yes at 19.2k, 153.6k, 1.2M Samples/sec Yes at 19.2k Samples/sec    

Transient detection

Yes both cycle & sub cycle Yes both cycle & sub cycle Yes down to single cycle Yes down to single cycle

CBEMA / ANSI / ITIC curve plots


Onboard Display


Live Results

Using PMMeter PMWave or PMScreen Using PMMeter PMWave or PMScreen Using PMMeter PMWave or PMScreen Using PMMeter or PMScreen




USB or Infra-Red Communication


Remote screen with PMScreen

Remote Communications via PMGateway

Time Synchronisation over mobile phone or PC


Memory storage for recorded data

128MB 32MB 8MB (16MB & 32MB Optional) 8MB (16MB & 32MB Optional)

Expandable Memory with a memory Stick or Hard Drive


Fifo mode

Self Powered (powered from Phase A)

Can be charged from the mains if necessary (12V DC charger unless otherwise specified)

Power Lead



Operating Temperature

-20 to 60°C -20 to 60°C -10 to 60°C -10 to 60°C

Safety Rating

600V CatIV, 1000V Cat III (Fuses removed) 600V CatIV, 1000V Cat III (Fuses removed) 600V Cat III 300V Cat III

IP Rating

IP65 IP65 IP51 IP40


Pronto for Windows Pronto for Windows Pronto for Windows Pronto for Windows