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Guide Sensmart QT400

Guide Sensmart QT400

Staff Daily Screening System

Guide QT Series IR Fever Warning System is the simple, affordable and versatile solution that streamlines temperature monitoring for daily epidemic prevention and control. It can be quickly deployed in 5 minutes, convenient and flexible. Guide QT Series adopt high performance Vox thermal detector that realize fast non-contact temperature detection. While detecting the over-temperature person, Guide QT can automatically snap photos, sound an alarm and realize face recognition. It supports access to the original monitoring network and especially suitable for places with relatively fixed personnel such as enterprises, institutions, schools, and communities.


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IR Resolution 400*300
Visible Camera 2 million pixels
Temp. Range 28℃~45℃
Accuracy ±0.3℃
Measuring Distance 0.5m-5m
Realtime Preview Real-time preview of visible light image and thermal image channels
Temperature Measurement The face recognition area automatically displays the temperature cursor, and supports full-screen point temperature measurement
Alarm automatically deliver the image and sound alarm, and capture a face picture while detecting the elevated temperature
Face Recognition Intelligent face recognition, mask wearing recognition, face comparison library supports up to 50,000 people
Software System Android
System Settings Support Chinese and English fast switching, ℃, ℉ fast switching
Network Protocol IPv4/IPv6, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, RTSP, TCP, UDP, DHCP
Size 240mm×112mm×90mm
Weight 1020g
Applicable Environment Install the camera in a windless indoor environment

Guide QT400 IR Fever Warning System