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Hand Held Thermal Cameras

Guide PS Series

Ultimate in portable thermal imaging technology

  • With a new generation of focus motor and professional laser rangefinder, 1 touch autofocus in 0.4 second
  • Upgraded visible light camera, flagship model up to 13 million pixels, supports infrared and visual imaging dual channel video r ecording
  • Support AI voice recognition, text photo recognition and typing, convenient for customizing the image name
  • Optional lenses are available such as macro/wide angle/Medium telephoto lens/ telephoto lens, support automatic calibration, eas y to replace
  • Support cloud services, upload local images to the cloud at any time, for remote analysis and problem feedback
  • 40 C ~ 2000 C ultra wide temperature range, support automatic switching, suitable for more application scenarios
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Guide MobIR Air

Thermal Imaging Camera for Smartphone

Transform your smartphone into a thermal camera.

MobIR Air transforms the smartphone into a thermal camera. When connect it to a smartphone, the MobIR Air allows you to see the world which is invisible with your eyes. It can find and fix the HVAC issues quickly and accurately, detect building problems effectively and safely, test the electrical faults and it can be also used for patrol at night

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Guide P Series

Pocket Sized Thermal Camera

  • -20℃-400℃wide measurement range
  • Great Ergonomic Design, No interference between lens area and grip area
  • 3.5” Touchscreen Display, high-brightness LCD, 320 x 240 pixels
  • Android Platform, Intelligent Operation. User-friendly design based on Android system, which is as simple as using a smartphone.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity , support Cloud Service. Wi-Fi connectivity enabled for remote control and instant sharing. With a Cloud album, you can back up the images to the Cloud in real-time.
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Guide C Series

High Performance Thermal Camera

  • Rotating LCD up to 270° for easy viewing angle
  • Android based operation system with open platform for various APP developments and convenient program updating
  • Powerful on-board analysis and reporting capabilities
  • Multiple image presentation including IR, visible, PIP and MIF
  • Wi-Fi data transfer
  • Optional high temperature range measuring up to 2000°C
  • High Diagnostic tool
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Guide D Series

Professional Contractor Thermal Camera

  • 4” high light touch screen. Adjustable brightness. Still clear under sunshine. All operation can be completed on the touch screen
  • Optional Lens set. You can choose the proper lens for different occasions
  • Built-in illuminator. Take visible photos in the low lighting environment
  • Different image type. IR, visible, MIF, PIP
  • Removable SD card. Up to 32G storage capacity for photos and videos compression storage
  • Wi-Fi share. Share IR images and findings immediately
  • Connected with mobile terminal to take IR photo, to achieve multi-screen control
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Guide B Series

General contractor Thermal Camera

  • Friendly UI, easy to use without training
  • Affordable diagnostic tool
  • Removable large capacity Li-ion battery, 4 hour working time
  • 3.5” large screen with no image cropping, high brightness screen to show image with no detailed information lost even outdoor or in high light
  • Rugged and compact design, metal internal structure
  • Standard Micro USB interface for data transmission and charging
  • Optional Wi-Fi connection with notebook or mobile
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Guide T Series

Entry Level Thermal Camera

  • Boot-up in 1 second and display fully radiometric image instantly.Full screen max & min temperature alarm
  • 2.4 inch Large Display, 240x320 pixel Color LCD
  • Good-handle Buttons, Ergonomic design, Easy to operate even wearing the gloves
  • 8-hour Battery Life, Low power consumption, Large capacity battery, 2-hour Quick Charge
  • IR/Visible/Laser Indicator, Pinpoint targets precisely
  • Trigger button for photo taking
  • Rugged Design, 2-meter Drop Test, IP54 Encapsulation
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Megger TC3231

Thermal Imaging Camera

  • Simple to use
  • Store images for reporting purposes
  • Image blending of the camera and thermal image
  • Fully adjustable emissivity
  • Max/Min temperatures tracked and values displayed
  • Centre spot temperature measurement value displayed
  • Selectable distance to target for increased accuracy
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with internal charging
  • Compact & lightweight – includes protective carry case
  • Aggressive price point
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