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Aspen OneLiner

ASPEN OneLiner™ is a PC-based short circuit and relay coordination program for relay engineers. OneLiner is a productivity tool. It relieves the engineer from the tedious and time-consuming tasks of leafing through stacks of printouts and plotting and re-plotting relay curves and one-line diagrams. OneLiner works very quickly under the control of the engineer. The engineer can change the relay settings and network configuration and see the results of the change immediately.

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Aspen Breaker Rating Module

The ASPEN Breaker Rating Module™ is an add-on module of the ASPEN OneLiner software. It streamlines the otherwise tedious work of checking the rating of circuit breakers against the short circuit currents they need to interrupt.

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Aspen Academic Suite

We are making available to colleges and universities, for educational purposes, an "Academic Suite" of ASPEN software. The Academic Suite consists of OneLiner, Power Flow and Line Constants Program. The academic programs are identical to the production versions, except the number of buses is limited to 15.

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Aspen Relay Database

ASPEN Relay Database™ is designed to be a repository of relay information for electric utilities and industrial facilities. The Relay Database is unique in its flexibility. You can customize the database for any relay type, including, but not limited to, overcurrent relays, distance relays, differential relays, and voltage relays. The database is capable of handling electromechanical relays with just a few setting parameters to modern microprocessor relays with hundreds of parameters. You can store one or more sets of setting parameters. Some of these can be historical. Others can be emergency or pending settings. You can also store test results.

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Aspen Power Flow

ASPEN Power Flow™ is a full-featured, PC-based power flow program designed for the planning, design and operating studies of transmission, sub-transmission and distribution networks. The easy-to-use graphical interface makes it an ideal tool for investigating the effects of network reconfiguration and temporary outages on power flow, system losses, area interchange and circuit overloading. The following are some highlights of the Power Flow Program:

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Aspen DistriView

ASPEN DistriView™ is an integrated suite of voltage drop, short circuit, relay coordination, and harmonics and reliability calculation software for utility distribution systems. DistriView is designed for networks that has a mixture of 3-phase, 2-phase and single-phase network components, including unbalanced loads and shunts. The user interface is very similar to that of ASPEN OneLiner, with split windows, floating menus and a data browser.

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ASPEN Line Database

The ASPEN Line Database™ is an electronic depository of data related to power lines and cables. It is designed to be a central reference source for overhead lines and underground cables in power system operations, maintenance, and studies. A powerful calculator of line/cable electrical parameters is built-in

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Aspen Line Constants program

The ASPEN Line Constants Program™ calculates electrical parameters of overhead transmission lines and underground cables with unsurpassed accuracy and ease of use. The graphical interface shows you the layout of circuits and ground wires of overhead lines as well as the physical construction of cables. You can manipulate any of the elements with the mouse and get the line and cable parameters by executing a single command.

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