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Power Testing Training

Talk to AVO about your training requirements and we can customize a course to individual skill levels, application, test standards, equipment.

Power Testing Training

It is critically important that Power Network Technicians and engineers are competent and confident in the test equipment they’re using but also their ability to operate and understand the outputs from the instruments.

We can train:

  • General application training, i.e. covering all aspects of transformer testing
  • Specific application training, i.e. training designed around a specific test standard or procedure
  • On a specific instrument
  • One person or large group
  • From little or no experience to advanced technicians and engineers.
  • From a general refresher to assessment and accreditation

Onsite/Field Training available:

  • Cable Testing
  • Cable Fault Location
  • Cable Diagnostics
  • VLF Testing
  • Transformer Testing
  • Partial Discharge Testing
  • Low Resistance Testing
  • Earth Testing
  • Insulation Testing
  • Protection Testing
  • Battery Testing
  • Oil Testing
  • Much more

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