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Megger has been a leader in electrical test and measurement globally for 130 years. From power generation to the power outlets in your home, Megger products cover almost every application within the Electrical Supply Industry.

Our products are categorised into seven core application segments: cable test and diagnostics, protection relays and systems, circuit breakers, transformer test and diagnostics, low voltage installations, general electrical testing, and motor and generator testing.

The extensive Megger product portfolio provides electrical test equipment for an exceptionally wide range of applications at any point of the electricity network. From small handheld low voltage equipment such as multifunction installation testers through to high voltage asset test equipment like insulation resistance testers, circuit breaker analysers, protection relay test systems to transformer condition measurement devices.

Megger designs and manufactures portable electrical test equipment in factories located in Germany, Sweden, the UK, and USA. Megger products help you install, improve efficiency, reduce cost and extend the life of your or your customers’ electrical assets.

Established in the late 1800s, the company has been designing and making test and measurement instruments that perform electrical measurements for preventative maintenance, troubleshooting and commissioning for decades. Megger products have supported customers all over the world to improve their facilities’ efficiency, reduce costs, extend the life of apparatus and through trending and analysis, anticipate equipment failure and future performance. It now has local offices in many locations with technical support teams and distributors all over the world.

We are emotionally connected to our values, and our attitude and behaviours being fostered across the Megger group are directly attributable to our values-led approach. Our culture makes not only a successful company but crucially, a compelling business partner.

AVO New Zealand has been proudly and exclusively representing Megger for over 23 years and it remains one of the premier agencies we provide.

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Ideal Industries

No one supports, understands and equips the electrician quite like IDEAL Industries. In every product they make, and in everything they do, they are The Electrician's Champion™

 As an electrician, you know that the rest of the world relies on your work. And you need a partner who understands what you have to deliver. From cut to test, IDEAL® Electrical is the only brand that touches every part of the process. They get it. 

They’ve been committed to craft and its craftsmen for more than 100 years. Whether you’re the electrical contractor or datacomm technician, production engineer or plant manager, Ideal Industries know the job the way you know the job. So build the tools you need to get it done.

 More than 6,000 tools and supplies make up the IDEAL family of products. And IDEAL Industries make sure each one earns its place in the tool bags of the professionals who power our world.

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Adash Ltd

Adash Ltd is a dedicated is a specialist manufacturer of the instruments and software for machine vibration diagnostics.

Adash Company was established in 1991 and supplies a full range of vibration diagnostics equipment, from simple data collectors to advanced vibration analyzers and on-line monitoring systems. The data from the portable devices and on-line systems can be transferred to Adash DDS software for further analysis and data archiving.

Adash wants to offer tools and software for vibration diagnostics to all kind of customers according to their needs and budget. We want our customers to actively benefit from the features offered by our products instead of putting our tools into shelf.

With AVO New Zealand heavily involved in the Motor testing industries Adash is a fantastic synergistic product offering to bring to our New Zealand clients. Contact AVO New Zealand today and lets discuss how we can assist with your machine vibration analysis today.

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Guide Sensmart

Guide Sensmart is a comprehensive infrared imaging solution supplier to various industries with high performance, best service and experience. Spanning from component to full deployment system level, Guide Sensmart lives and breathes IR imaging and is one of the only truely dedicated IR imaging manufacturers in the world.  At the present, Guide Sensmart’s products are applied in the industrial inspection, security and surveillance, fire fighting and rescue, law enforcement, medical, industrial automation, smart home, consumer electronics and IoT.

Guide Sensmart is devoted to developing and popularizing new applications of infrared imaging technology. With continuous exploration and innovation, it provides intelligent solutions, expanding the channels and dimensions of the human perception of the world and opens the intelligent, consumer infrared era.

Talk to AVO New Zealand and find out how we can introduce you to the innovative Guide fever scanning systems or the world leading thermal imaging technologhy.

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APPA is one of the largest manufacturers of  clamp and Multimeter technology and has been a partner with AVO New Zealand for many years.

APPA is dedicated to leveraging the vast needs of industrial customers to extend their personal power and abilities, featuring a variety of T&M products, including Digital Multimeters, Digital Clamp Multimeters, Component Testers, Automotive Multimeters and Environment Testers. During the past years, APPA has become a symbol of safety, ruggedness, user-friendly features and excellent quality.

APPA offers New Zealand technicians an affordable meter option at a higher level of product quality and specification than previously seen on the market. Contact AVO New Zealand for an onsite demonstration today

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Planck Vision Systems

Planck Vision Systems leverage multiple wavelengths of light to see information beyond what visible cameras can see. The two founding partners of this company have more than 45 years of combined experience with thermal imaging systems in academia and industry. 

The company is headquartered in Santa Barbara CA, the capital of infrared sensing technologies in the United States.  Although the company was founded in 2020, the design team has worked together for more than 15 years on thermal/visible camera systems and on products that are currently distributed worldwide.

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High Voltage, Inc. designs and manufactures industry-leading high voltage test equipment for proof testing, diagnostic testing,  high voltage breakdown testing, and preventative maintenance testing. Trusted for the most technically-advanced, portable, and user-friendly high voltage equipment on the market. HVI test sets are used worldwide by utilities, testing service companies, electrical contractors, large industrial factories, and electrical apparatus OEMs.

HVI has been an essential supplier of electrical testers and test kits for over 20 years. Our familiarity with the regulations and procedures inherent to this industry make us more than a supplier or manufacturer, but a partner. Customers turn to HVI for its high-quality testing equipment, unparalleled customer support, and its commitment to sharing deep industry knowledge in an approachable, helpful way.

Applications include:

  • MV/HV cable
  • Cable faults
  • Utility substation apparatus
  • Aerial lifts
  • Motors and generators
  • Other high voltage electrical products used for generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity

With three generations of experience and innovation, HVI leads the industry in producing portable field test equipment and high power AC and DC high voltage test sets for utilities and OEM industrial markets. A global company with representatives in more than 130 countries, HVI delivers the results you need with more portable and efficient HV test sets.

Made in the U.S. In service all over the world.

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Der Ee

Has been producing professional test & measurement equipment for over 30 years. Providing a wide range of products including Digital multimeters, clamp meters, LCR Meters, Phase rotation meters, Light Meters and more.

One of the most widely used clamp meters in New Zealand the DE3110 and its AC only counterpart (DE3100) are today a staple feature in most electrical wholesalers.

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CEM Instruments

Established in 1991, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, production and marketing of various professional measuring instruments. CEM is located in Shenzhen, China, with more than 1,000 employees, Over 100 engineers,13 production plants, 32 production lines, advanced production equipment.

CEM engineers constantly work on innovative new products, that combine the features and functions that our customers asking for. Two R&D centers are on hand to meet the ever changing demand of customers' need.

CEM Specilizes in electrical and medical testing applications with the main products including: Infrared thermometers, body thermometers, digital multimeter, clamp meter, electrical testers, coating thickness testers, video borescopes, laser distance meters, temperature & humidity meter, moisture meter, light meter, sound level meter and more.

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RH Systems designs and sells custom temperature and humidity solutions, including chilled hygrometers. Founded in 1998 by Bob Hardy, a 20 year veteran of the industry, RH Systems is a privately-held company headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona.

Our product line is jointly developed with our European partner, MBW, and manufactured in Switzerland and the United States. We provide the design expertise in embedded control and automation, including touch screen, user interface and embedded firmware.

Our products are used in commercial laboratories and national metrology institutes around the world, and we are proud of the elite companies who have chosen our products.

Through AVO New Zealand the RH973 SF6 Gas purity analyzer has been sold to approx. 100 Australasian customers bringing to the region a tester specifically designed for measurement of humidity and SF6 purity in gas insulated switchgear systems.

UVIRCO Technologies

The Original Corona Camera Manufacturer

UViRCO Technologies is a South African company which manufactures & markets the CoroCAM brand of corona cameras.

Using the UViRCO CoroCAM to perform condition monitoring of high voltage electrical power infrastructure hardware, in terms of external partial discharges, gives power utilities the ability to non-destructively determine where preventative maintenance should be performed to avoid outages and equipment failure. External partial discharges (i.e. Corona, Sparking and Arcing) is indicative of contaminated or degraded hardware, faulty installation or design errors.

CoroCAM cameras are used by:

  • Power Utilities
  • Inspection Service Providers
  • Railways (Electric)
  • Heavy Industry
  • Mines
  • High voltage laboratories

To perform:

  • Generator / motor coil insulation inspection
  • Transmission line hardware inspection
  • Distribution line hardware inspection
  • Substation hardware inspection
  • Experimentation

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Acksen Electrocorder

Established in 1994, Acksen Ltd has grown from a small local UK based company, to one that is now respected on a number of continents offering a solid alternative to Global Brands who service large scale complex solutions for electrical data logging equipment. We are a privately held limited company with several key industrial shareholders.

Electrocorder provides straightforward Loggers in an all-inclusive kit with Windows analysis software and leads - all with a Lifetime back to base Warranty.

Used by the Power industry worldwide for over 20 years.

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Origo is a company whose mission is to design the tools you always wished you had. Looking at the industry's common everyday tasks, that are currently very difficult to accomplish, and designing a product to make that task easier.

Linemen test and ensure end products are both useful and SIMPLE to use. Origo designers use the latest technology to bring these products to life.

The Origo PhaseID System now makes it possible to quickly and easily determine energized phase attributes anywhere in your system. This is not a phasing stick. New innovative technology allows the phase attribute of any energized conductor to be determined by using a GPS timing signal to simultaneously measure phase at a reference location and at a field location. The readings are then compared. Since the phase attribute at the reference location is known, the phase attribute at the field location can be determined. See here for further details

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Outram Research

Established in 1985, Outram Research Ltd is an electronic design house and manufacturer of state of the art Power Quality Analysers and Fault Level Monitors.  It’s focus is on combining highly accurate, detailed and unique recording regimes with an easy to use customer interface designed predominantly for use by those in the Electrical Utility Industry, Power Quality Consultants and industrial electrical engineers.

Outram Research is a family business based on the South Coast of England, UK. Manufacture of all the products is done locally or in house.  Most assembly and testing is done in house including final system testing which enables the Outram team to be sure of the quality of the products they send out.

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