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UVIRCO Technologies

The Original Corona Camera Manufacturer

UViRCO Technologies is a South African company which manufactures & markets the CoroCAM brand of corona cameras.

Using the UViRCO CoroCAM to perform condition monitoring of high voltage electrical power infrastructure hardware, in terms of external partial discharges, gives power utilities the ability to non-destructively determine where preventative maintenance should be performed to avoid outages and equipment failure. External partial discharges (i.e. Corona, Sparking and Arcing) is indicative of contaminated or degraded hardware, faulty installation or design errors.

CoroCAM cameras are used by:

  • Power Utilities
  • Inspection Service Providers
  • Railways (Electric)
  • Heavy Industry
  • Mines
  • High voltage laboratories

To perform:

  • Generator / motor coil insulation inspection
  • Transmission line hardware inspection
  • Distribution line hardware inspection
  • Substation hardware inspection
  • Experimentation

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