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Earth Leakage Clamps


Precision Leakage Current Clamp Meter

  • 6000 count display
  • Analogue bar graph,
  • Automatic sensing backlit
  • Auto ranging mode
  • Ranges: 6.000mA/60.00mA/600.0mA/6.000A/60.00A/100.0A
  • Resolution: 0.001mA
  • Basic Accuracy: +/-(1.0%+3d)
  • Comparator feature with high and low limits warning
  • Low Pass Filter
  • Auto hold function
  • Beep notice Capture
  • CAT. III 300V Safety Standard

CEM DT9810

For the applications where leakage current testing is required, but occasionally it may be necessary to look at the phase current being drawn too, then this is the meter for you!  The CEM DT9810 reads from 0.1 mA AC but has a great range right up to 200A!  Nice and compact it has a 30 mm jaw to ensure it is useful in all situations and a data hold button to take a reading when space is too tight to allow direct viewing of the display.

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