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AVO Training Courses

Register to take part in AVO New Zealand’s unique self-learning and knowledge assessment programme covering products we supply and support.


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PAT150 Training

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MFT1800 Series

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Apprentice Training

Apprentice Training
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Power Testing Training

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AVO NZ Training Portal

AVO New Zealand has a proud 20 year tradition of leading the Industry by way of both industry training and associated application support.  Innovation in our training methods has been a hallmark throughout.

Given the constraints of geography and the practicality of delivering such training to our customers in a timely manner, AVO New Zealand has now moved to embrace a unique self-learning concept using our own video production and associated graphics, complemented by a knowledge quiz and Certificate of Attainment (PAT150 training only) for those who achieve a 100% pass mark.  
The training course can be taken by a registered customer as often as is needed to become confident in the topic.  Assistance with the operation of the tester being trained in is available via our number below or the CONTACT US page.
Further proficiency is available by way of the purchase a formal training course offered by one of our training partners.  Please register directly via the TRAINING PROVIDERS tab if this is desired.