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Printer set up

Printer troubleshooting and questions

Can I prevent the printer from cutting an extra piece of blank label?

Plug the printer into your computer and from the Zebra software disk select "install you printer". Highlight your printer in the installed printers box and then click on "Configure printer settings" as shown below.


In the printer sttings wizard click next until the screen below appears and click the drop down box titled "Media feed options".


Change this option to "No feed" and then click "Finish", the light on the printer feed button will probably flash a few times and the printer will no longer feed through 1 label when it is powered up from then on.

How can I keep the size of printed labels to a minimum?

We recommend the Asset ID be kept to no more than 5-6 digits. Extra info can be added to the description if necessary.

Frequently-Asked Questions about doing appliance testing

How do I test extension leads?

Note: Use the correct method for your PAT tester model. PAT300 & 400 series

Use the IEC lead to plug into the extension lead and the other end back into PAT in the IEC socket. For multi-socket leads, perform an earth bond test for each socket.

Need to use an IEC lead to plug into the extension lead and the other end back into PAT4 in socket labelled “Lead Test”

Use ELT1 to plug into extension lead and plug the extension lead into tester. Press required test buttons.

How can I test 110V appliances?

Note: Use the correct method for your PAT tester model.

PAT300 & 400 series
Plug PAT into 110V supply using adaptor.

Plug PAT 4 into 110V supply using adaptor.

PAT 32 just 230V supply but plug appliance into 110V socket

Can I test 3-phase equipment?

The PAT420 is a single phase appliance tester.

It is possible to make up an adaptor to test 3 phase leads and appliances; however, there are limitations to this arrangement. This method DOES NOT comply with AS/NZS 3760 as it does not detect any phase to phase insulation faults or polarity faults.

Full document : 3 Phase testing using the PAT420 ...

How do I know if it is a Class I and Class II item?

Class I has an earth so likely to have an earth pin in the plug and a metal casing.

Class II is doubled insulated. Will have the following symbol on the information plate:

class ii symbol

How should I test IT or sensitive equipment?

Note: Use the correct method for your PAT tester model.

PAT400 series
You can use PC test group on PAT400s. Tests to be performed should be visual inspection, earth continuity, operation test and earth leakage.

Can use PC test group on PAT4. Tests to be performed should be visual inspection and earth continuity. Can perform operations test and earth leakage with PAT4.

How do I test a FELV laptop charger?

Only a visual test can be made on ITE though the detachable 3 core mains supply lead should be tested separately as a standard IEC lead. A bond test should not be performed on the metal part of the laptop plug as this may damage the charger. For more info see our application note, PAT testing IT equipment (found on the PAT300/400 page under resources).

How do I test equipment with surge protection?

Surge protection will normally fail a 500 V insulation test so this should be substituted for by either an earth leakage test or a 250 V insulation test.

Why does my extension lead fail the earth bond test?

Have you applied lead compensation? Long extension leads add extra resistance which needs to be allowed for. The PAT400 can calculate this for you.

Does my PAT tester need to be tested and tagged too?

No. It meets strict safety requirements specific to electrical test equipment and is used by competent persons with training in electrical safety.

Questions about PAT tester operation

Matters relating to discontinued PAT tester models and software

How can I transfer the data from my old PAT4 series tester to the new PAT400 tester?

This needs to have powersuite pro as PAT400 series only accept the database file to upload while PAT4 series give download in .CSV format.

Can AVO Powersuite Software be upgraded to the Megger-version Powersuite software?

No, AVO Powersuite is no longer supported thus customer have to buy Megger PowerSuite software as a new piece of software , as it is a completely new piece of software database will unfortunately not be transferable from AVO to Megger.

How can I log back into my PAT4 machine if I have forgotten my Username and Password?

The PAT4 can be reset by holding down the R button while the instrument is booting up. After that user should be able to use the default login of Username: AVO and Password: 1234. If user needs to retrieve data from the PAT before resetting then they can login with username: CT17 9EN and leaving the password blank to perform a download.

How much can my PAT4 store?

  • 1000 Assets
  • 10 Clients
  • 20 Locations

The PAT4 will display when you have reached the maximum limit. In this case the only thing to do is download the results and then reset the tester by holding down ‘R’ when switching the unit on.

How do I reset my PAT 4 and PAT32 Series?

Hold down the ‘R’ button while switching the tester on and select reset.

Warning: Back up data before resetting as data may be deleted.

I can’t download to my computer; I don’t have a serial port on my computer.

You can use an adaptor (p/n 35871), Set the port number in properties of Download Manager to the same number port in Device Manager to ensure software is looking at correct port.