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Modular Plug Installation Solutions


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Twisted Pair Termination Hip Kit

  • Tool installation kit for terminating both RJ-45 modular plugs and modular jacks to twisted pair cable
  • Crimps standard, Feed-Thru and shielded CAT5e, CAT6 and CAT6A modular plugs.
  • Impact punch down tool for 110 data jacks or panels and 66 blocks

CAT6 Feed-Thru RJ-45 Modular Plugs

  • Feed-Thru modular plugs simplify twisted pair assembly process
  • Verify conductor order before crimping
  • Conductors trimmed flush by the tool
  • Eliminates wasted connectors due to incorrect assembly
  • Single-piece design

85-376: 50/pack
: 100/pack
85-377J: 100/Jar

PrepPRO Coax/UTP Cable Stripper

  • Auto adjusting blade depth for 6/6Quad/59 coax cable
  • Strips RG-59/6 Plenum cables
  • 6.35mm (1/4 in.) x 6.35mm (1/4 in.) coax preparation
  • Replaceable blade cartridges
  • CAT5e/6 jacket stripping
  • Spring loaded for consistent cutting force

OmniSeal™ PRO XL Compression Tool

  • Compresses BNC, F-Type, RG11-F, RCA, 90°/Right Angle and Mini Coax compression connectors on coaxial cable
  • Compresses ALL IDEAL compression connectors
  • Fast and reliable solution to home theater, CATV, satellite systems and security applications
  • Permanent connection so your connector never comes loose.
  • Universal design with spin knob and adjustable post height works with most non-IDEAL compression connectors

Stripmaster Wire Stripper Metric

Stripmaster® Wire Stripper Metric 0.75 - 6.0mm

  • One-step stripping enhances productivity 
  • Precision-ground, knife-type blades provide clean, accurate stripping 
  • Sturdy die-cast zinc frame provides long-term durability 
  • 90-day warranty

Ringer™ Adjustable Blade Strippers

  • Four models cover cable diameters up to 14.2mm (9/16 in.)
  • All models include two adjustable depth blades and one adjustable round slitting blade
  • Common uses are for fiber jackets, mini-coax prep, twisted pair cables and other specialty copper cables where standard stripping products are not available
  • Replacement blades available for all models