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Guide PV400

Guide PV400

VOCs Detection Thermal Camera

Based on the self-developed high-performance refrigerated infrared detector, the PV series VOCs detection thermal imaging camera converts invisible gas into infrared images visible to the naked eye by leveraging infrared thermal imaging technology. It realizes effective monitoring of methane and other volatile organic compounds leakage during production, transportation, and handling in petrochemical and other enterprises, avoiding accidents such as dangerous gas emissions and ensuring safe production.

Refrigeration-type detector

High-sensitivity cooled infrared detector, capable of detecting small gas leakage.

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PV400 13

Professional gas-enhancement imaging algorithm

Effectively presenting trends in gas distribution and diffusion.

Multiple gas detection

Effective leak detection of alkanes, alkenes, alcohols, benzenes, ketones, and other gases.

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Intrinsically safe explosion-proof certification

The intrinsically safe explosion-proof certification Ex icⅡC T6 Gc enables easy compliance with detection requirements within hazardous areas.

High-precision temperature measurement

The remote non-contact temperature measurement function supports temperature analysis and high-temperature alarms, etc.

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Rotating screen

Equipped with a rotatable OLED viewfinder and a flip-out LCD touchscreen, allowing operators to conveniently observe from multiple angles.

More application scenarios

Effectively monitor various scenarios to prevent the emission of hazardous gases and safeguard life and property.

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Imaging and optics
Detector type Cooled, HgCdTe/MCT, 3.2μm~3.5μm
Infrared resolution 320×256@30μm
Super resolution Yes, Upgrade to 640×512
Frame rate 50Hz
Focal length 23mm
Field of view 24°×18°
IFOV 1.3mrad
Min. object distance 1m
D:S 769:1
Focusing mode Manual / Automatic
Digital zoom 1x to 10x
Measurement and analysis
Measurement range IR mode: -40~350 °C; Gas mode: -40 °C~60 °C
Measurement accuracy ±2°C or ±2%, whichever is greater
Analyzed target Supports adding up to 15 analyzed targets (including a maximum of 15 spots, 2 lines, 4 circles, and 4 rectangles)
Alarm Full screen temperature threshold alarm (image, voice and flash)
Parameter settings Emissivity, reflection temperature, target distance, humidity, atmospheric temperature, optical transmittance
Others Isothermals
Image display
Display screen 4.3'', 800×480 pixel touchscreen LCD
Eyepiece 1024×768 OLED screen
Image mode IR, VIS, MIF, PIP, Gas mode (support GDEMode)
Color palettes 12: White Hot, Iron Red, Arctic, Rainbow 2, Hot Iron, Rainbow 1, Fulgurite, Medical, Tint, Black Hot, Blue Hot, Sepia
Image adjustment Level span mode: Automatic, Semi-automatic, Manual
Digital camera 8 MP
Laser Laser (Indication, Ranging 0.1m to 40m) Recording function Photo and Video (infrared & visible light)
Recording function Photo and Video (infrared & visible light)
Cloud Services Available
Gas detection Gas types: methane, ethane, propane, butane, pentane, hexane, heptane, octane, ethylene, propylene, isoprene, methanol, ethanol, butanone, benzene, toluene, xylene, ethylbenzene, etc
Others Customized physical button, OTA update
Storage and transmission
Storage media Built-in (64 GB) and external SD card (128 GB and up to 256 GB)
Image storage JPG with temp info
Video storage MP4 format (without temp info) can be used to record audio synchronously; Irgd (with temp info)
External interface Type-C, DC (12V) , SD card slot, Micro HDMI, RJ45, UNC ¼"-20 (Tripod mounting)
WIFI Yes, it can be connected to the mobile terminal for image and real-time video transmission
Cellular network 5G module (optional)
Power system
Battery type Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Operating time 3 hours
Charging mode The device can be charged through desktop charger after shutdown.
Charging time 90% of full charge in 2.5 hours, revealed by the status screen
Environmental parameters
Working temperature -20°C to 50°C
IP rating IP54
Certification CE, FCC, ROHS, UN38.3, MSDS
Physical parameters
Hardware Illuminator×2, Microphone, Speaker, Electronic Compass, GPS
Weight 3.36kg (with battery)
Size 297×167×204mm
Software kit PC: ThermoTools; Mobile: Thermography (iOS/Android)
Standard A device (with lens), Lens front and back cover, Lithium-ion battery (2 pcs), Desktop charger, Power adapter, Adapter plug (for China, US, UK, Australia and Europe), TYPE-C USB cable, Micro HDMI cable, Ethernet Cable, SD card (128 GB) , Wrist strap, Safety box, Quick Start Guide, Data download card, Certificate of approval, Factory certificate
Options Lithium battery, Tripod, Carrying bag, 5G module
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