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Guide PR610

Guide PR610

Firefighter Thermal Camera

The PR series dual-purpose thermal imaging camera for rescue and detection empowers a new perspective for firefighters. It combines high resolution, a large display screen, multiple scene modes, temperature analysis functions, and a strong protection rating, which can break through the limitations of harsh environments such as high temperatures, high humidity, and thick smoke in fire scenes to help firefighters see the surrounding environment quickly and clearly, locate the fire and search for trapped individuals more accurately, providing users with more efficient and safe fire visualization solutions.

  • 640×480@12μmIR Resolution 
  • -20°C to 2000°C Measurement Range 
  • 128 GBLocal Storage 
  • IP67Encapsulation

Clear Imaging with Rich Details 

The PR series provides two image quality options of 640*480 and 480*384. It can quickly generate clear, delicate, and detailed thermal images without focusing, helping users easily navigate even in smoke-filled environments.

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Visualized Temperature of up to 2000℃ 

The temperature distribution of the measured object can be intuitively seen . The maximum temperature measured is up to 2,000 ℃ (with diaphragm). It supports functions like temperature analysis, temperature correction, and over-temperature alarms (vibration, screen flash, buzzer alarm), etc. 

Easy to Use Even with Gloves

It is operated through three large buttons and a photo/video button, specially designed for convenient operation with gloves. The operation interface is so intuitive and clear that can allows firefighters to focus more on on-site firefighting operations.

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Function Fully for up to 5min at 260°C

It can break through the limitations of harsh environments such as high temperature, high humidity, and heavy smoke in fire scenes, and can work at a high temperature of 260 ℃ for up to 5 minutes. The soft plastic part (body shell) is silicone rubber with excellent heat resistance, thermal oxidation resistance, and mechanical properties. The Hard plastic part (photo button) is a PPSU with excellent high-temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and other characteristics. Thermal protection glass to isolate heat transfer and avoid high temperature environment on the screen.

Rugged and Durable 

The PR series is designed for harsh firefighting conditions with excellent 2-meter drop performance; IP67 waterproof and function fully for up to 5min at 260°C.

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Photo and Video Powered by 128G Large Memory

Photo and video function with one-click storage, without lag or affecting the real-time detection screen, and a 128G large memory capacity to store more than 20,000 pictures to meet users' needs. 

OTA Online Upgrade for the Latest System Version

Support device firmware updates by connecting to TargetIR APP for high efficiency.

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Multiple Image Modes for Different Scenes

By simulating and analyzing the application requirements in various fire scenes, it is convenient for users to switch scene modes at any time based on the actual situation, helping firefighters quickly identify the surrounding environment to ensure the accurate location of the fire and trapped people.

Imaging and optics

Detector type VOx, 7.5 to 14μm
Infrared resolution 640×480@12μm
Frame rate 30Hz/ 9Hz
Focal length 9mm
Field of view 50°×37°
IFOV 1.25mrad
Min. object distance 0.5m
D:S 800:1
Focusing mode Focus-free
Digital zoom 2x/ 4x/ 8x

Measurement and analysis

Measurement range Support auto-switching: -20°C to 150°C, 0°C to 650°C, Optional 500°C to 2000°C (Aperture is required)
Measurement accuracy ±2°C or ±2%, whichever is greater
Analyzed target Three spots: Center, Maximum temperature, Minimum temperature; Three Fixed Areas: Small, Medium, Large (Alternative)
Alarm Full screen temperature threshold alarm (Vibration, Screen flicker, Buzzer)
Parameter settings Emissivity, reflected temperature, target distance, humidity, atmospheric temperature
Others OTA update

Image display

Display screen 4.3" LCD, 800×480 Pixel
Image mode 6 Modes: Basic fire fighting, Black and white, Fire scene, Search and rescue, Thermal detection, Standard
Color palettes 8: Black Hot, White Hot, Iron Red, Arctic, Hot Iron, Rainbow 1, Fulgurite, Tint (Alternative palettes are supported only in Standard mode)
Image adjustment Level span mode: Automatic


Recording function Photo and Video

Storage and transmission

Storage media Built-in storage (128 GB)
Image storage JPG with temp info
Video storage MP4 format (without temp info); Irgd (with temp info), up to 20 Hz (optional) for temperature analysis
External interface Type-C, Micro HDMI, UNC ¼"-20 (Tripod mounting)
WIFI Yes, it can be connected to the mobile terminal for image and real-time video transmission

Power system

Battery type Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Operating time 4 hours
Charging mode The device can be charged through desktop charger after shutdown.
Charging time 90% of full charge in 2.5 hours

Environmental parameters

Working temperature General Working temperature range: -10°C to +50°C; Specific Working temperature ranges: 80°C: 30 minutes, 120°C: 10 minutes, 260°C: 5 minutes
IP rating IP67
Drop 2m drop test
Certification CE, FCC, ROHS, UL, UN38.3, MSDS, NFFE

Physical parameters

Hardware WIFI, Speaker
Weight 1.3kg (with battery)
Size 296×122×153mm
Software kit PC: ThermoTools; Mobile: Thermography (iOS/Android)
Standard A device (with lens), Lens cover, Lithium-ion battery (3 pcs), Desktop charger, Power adapter, Adapter plug (for China, US, UK, Australia and Europe), Type C to C Charger Cable, TYPE-C USB cable, Micro HDMI cable, Wrist strap, Shoulder strap, Safety box, Packaging list, Quick Start Guide, Data download card (analysis software & user manual), Certificate of approval, Factory certificate
Options Battery, Tripod
Part No.: PR610