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Voltage, Current Loggers & Energy/Power Consumption Loggers

Electrocorder EC-1V

Logger for Industrial and Commercial Appliances

The EC-1V is used by power distribution companies, facilities management, voltage/energy optimisation companies, electrical or site services and maintenance engineers to monitor voltage variations on site helping them to diagnose any voltage related issues, or to gather data perhaps to make representations to their power supplier.

Electrocorder EC-7VAR-RS

Arguably one of the most popular and best-priced such loggers on the Australasian market!           

Packaged in a robust IP65 case, the EC7VAR logs 3 Phase Voltage, Current, Power Factor, and Energy.  An ideal and comprehensive means to survey a customer’s energy consumption and then to display the results (via acclaimed yet simple software) in a clear graph that will appeal to any manager or Board.  Popular with retail stores, factories, and larger installations where the power bill really matters.

Electrocorder SR-1R

Single Channel Solar Irradiance Logger

The SR-1R data logger is used by installers, householders, renewable energy companies to assess proposed locations for a PV (photovoltaic) and Solar Thermal installations.

Electrocorder PV-3

Three Channel Solar Irradiance Logger

The PV-3 data logger is used by installers, householders, renewable energy companies  to check PV (photo voltaic) installations. It can record solar irradiation up to 1,500W/m2 (watts per square metre), DC Voltage and DC Current produced by the panel, allowing you to assess the performance of a solar energy installation.