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Electrical Motor Testing

Megger Baker Instruments’ electric motor analysers fall into three categories:

  • Static analysers are used on off-line motors and generators to test motor circuit and insulation condition.
  • Dynamic analysers are used for monitoring on-line motors to capture power quality, motor condition and load issues.
  • Electric motor QC systems are designed for motor, generator and coil manufacturers to test the insulation and other parameters of coils, stators and armatures rapidly and repeatably in a production context.

Electric motor testing overview

Motor insulation test voltages: how high is too high?

motortesting etarticle image1

Author - Stephen Drennan 

A recent article in Electrical Tester discussed insulation test voltages for cables and looked at the confusion that sometimes exists in relation to choosing the most appropriate test voltage and test method for a particular application. This article looks at similar issues, but deals with the testing of motors rather than cables.

As mentioned in the previous article, there are many options for testing insulation, and Megger supplies an extensive range of testers for such applications, from 50 V to 15 kV insulation testers, through VLF and AC Tan Delta test sets to diagnostic Dielectric Frequency Response instruments and, under the Baker brand, specialist motor testing equipment up to 40 kV.