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Digital Multimeters

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AVO boasts arguably the leading and most comprehensive range of multimeters on the NZ market. We have a high quality meter selection for all Industry Groups.

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LCR Meter

  • L (inductance), C (capacitor), R (resistance)
  • Auto L/C/R check
  • 100 / 120 / 1K / 10K / 100K Hz test frequency
  • 20,000 / 2,000 counts display
  • Backlight
  • Ls/ Lp/ Cs/ Cp/ Rs/ Rp/ DCR with D/Q/θ/ESR measurement
  • Relative mode
  • Series / Parallel modes
  • Components sorting function
  • *Selectable tolerance ±0.25%、±0.5%、±1%、±2%、±5%、±10% ±20%、-20%+80%
  • Low battery indication
  • 4-wire Kelvin measurement
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CEM DT-9989

Professional, Industrial – Multimeter/Oscilloscope

DT-9989 Professional True RMS Industrial Digital Multimeter with oscilloscope functions and TFT colour LCD display

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Industrial Multimeter

Specifically designed for the electrical engineer and profession electrician, this range of tough, high quality multimeters offers the perfects election of functions required. Useful innovations such as the high and low impedance switching allow a quick and safe method to identify capacitive coupled, ghost, voltage. The introduction of the dual sensitivity non-contact voltage detector helps you identify a live circuit at a distance and then to pinpoint the exact conductor or circuit.

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Bench Top Digital Multimeter

Designed for laboratory and bench service work. The APPA208B also adds smart device connectivity through its Bluetooth features which makes data logging of up to 40,000 records seamless and pain free.

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APPA 507

Advanced Process Control Digital Multimeter

By coupling a loop calibrator with the power of a digital multimeter unrivalled efficiencies can now be achieved during installation and testing. By way of combining a high specification DMM, 4-20mA Loop Calibrator, and analogue HART protocol capability in one device, the new APPA 507 model from AVO NZ reduces the number of instruments required on-site. It also reduces the time you spend trouble shooting by quickly identifying separate issues between the instrumentation and the controls on the PLC side.

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Professional HVAC Digital Multimeter

The APPA P2 is the HVAC variant of the hugely popular APPA P3 and is designed specifically for the HVAC technician with temperature sensor and μA AC/DC reading – perfect when measuring flame sensor outputs.

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General Purpose, Full Featured Digital Multimeter

The APPA P3 digital multimeter is the professional technicians true companion, suitable for almost every application and forms the base for any electrical test tool kit. The APPA P3 is the bona fide workhorse meter and updates the hugely popular APPA77. Comprehensive features ensure virtually all typical daily requirements are covered with the utmost accuracy, reliability and safety.

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APPA 505

Highest Specification, Highest Performance, Highest Accuracy

The APPA 505 is the go to meter when absolute precision and accuracy is required. Packed full of features and with an impressive 100,000 count display its ideal for the industrial technician or inspector.

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Digital Multimeter

  • True RMS
  • Auto power off selection
  • Auto and manual range
  • Relative mode
  • Data hold function
  • Frequency up to 5MHz and duty cycle
  • Temperature measurement
  • Over range protection
  • Backlight - blue
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Combined Insulation Tester and Multimeter

  • 10,000 extra large digital display
  • 48 segments analog bar graph
  • Auto Backlit, Dual display
  • Auto AC/DC Voltage Detection
  • AC/DC 1000V capability
  • Min Max AVG features
  • Store/Recall memories
  • Resistance capability up to 40M Ω
  • Insulation test range up to 22G Ω
  • Insulation test voltage: 50V, 100V, 250V, 500V, 1000V
  • Auto Power Off to save battery life
  • Included with Remote test probe, test leads, alligator clips and magnetic hanging kit.
  • CAT. IV 600V/CAT. III 1000V standard
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