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Static Electric Motor Analysers

High-voltage test equipment for testing motors when they are off-line

Baker Instruments’ static motor test equipment is the industry-leading suite of products for detecting weaknesses and faults in the insulation systems of electric motors, generators and coils. Employing both low-voltage and high-voltage tests – such as Baker’s signature surge test - these essential troubleshooting and predictive maintenance tools allow maintenance professionals to assess any need to maintain or replace specific motors and generators that support their business. Equally at home in the motor repair shop or on a plant floor, these testers ensure that the electrical condition of your rotating machinery is understood.

Static Testing Guidelines coverStatic Testing Guidelines [5.7mb PDF]

Off-line Electric Motor Testing Guidelines [146kb PDF]

Megger MTR105

Rotating Machine Tester

The MTR105 is a dedicated Static Motor Tester with Megger’s tried and trusted suite of insulation resistance tests (IR), plus all the great traditional features and reliability of Megger’s testers.

Megger ADX

Automated Diagnostic Test Equipment

The Megger Baker ADX is an innovative and transformational leap forward for motor testing in today’s demanding workplaces.  Developed using Linux on an Android operating system, the ADX software is easily updated via a Lan or Wi-Fi connection.  The large 10.4-inch touchscreen is tough and daylight viewable. 

Megger Baker AWA-IV Static Motor Analyser

The Baker AWA-IV automatically performs repeatable, user-programmable tests to thoroughly assess the strength of a motor’s insulation and circuit.

In fact, it is the only high-voltage test instrument that a user can program to perform a specific set of insulation tests prior to being in the field, and then use as programmed in the field. The AWA-IV is also used to assure quality of motor rebuilds or new production motors before they are placed into service.

Megger Baker DX Static Motor Analyser

In an industrial setting, the consequential cost of failure or unplanned downtime of critical rotating machinery can be significant.

The Baker DX series can apply a wide set of off-line electrical tests to assess the condition of motors and coils.

Megger Baker PPX Power Packs

When coupled with Baker static motor analysers (i.e., certain Baker DX and AWA-IV models), the Baker PPX Power Packs extend the insulation testing voltage range. 

They help verify the condition of insulation on form-wound coils, high voltage AC motors and large DC motors, and are ideal for use in manufacturing, predictive maintenance, and motor rewind and repair settings.

Megger IMT100

Industrial Multi-tester

A versatile handheld multi-testing instrument with more than 13 distinctive testing features

Get a unique instrument capable of testing resistance, continuity, and insulation resistance in systems, combining the two, three and four-terminal methods