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DC High Current Circuit Breaker Tester

Portable DC High Current Circuit Breaker Tester – for testing DC High Speed Circuit Breakers

The Megger Balto System was developed for specific applications in the railway field, namely: Tests of DC high speed circuit-breakers for sub-stations and their protections. Tests of DC high speed circuit-breakers in locomotives, train sets, subways, undergrounds and tramways.  Tests of electromagnetic contactors (control and main) in tramways and trolleybuses. The Megger Balto system can also be used for other applications where very high currents are required e.g. mining, steel factories, marine and solar.

Megger BALTO Compact

DC Current Generator

  • Ergonomic design
  • Energy sources: batteries and ultra-caps
  • Power units: DC/DC current converters- Internationally patented
  • Current rate of rise can be adjusted

Megger BALTO Modular

DC Current Generator

  • Control unit with user friendly operator terminal
  • Power unit(s): 4.000 A each
  • Cart supporting batteries, ultra-caps and battery charger(s)
  • Connection with the high-speed DC circuit breaker by specific high current flex-cables