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Planck Vision Systems TRX600

Robotic Inspection System with Thermal & Visible Sensors

Versatile robotic inspection system that eliminates the need for multiple fixed-point monitoring. With wireless communication and integrated control design, it offers simplified deployment, implementation, and maintenance for efficient and effective inspections. 

Track System

Customizable for automated inspections in hard to reach places. It provides full coverage of large areas and can be used for a wide variety of applications. The TRX600 is mounted on a track for automated inspections or can be driven remotely on demand.

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The Track System is an efficient and cost-effective way to conduct thermal imaging inspections.

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Experience the power of TRX600’s autonomy as you effortlessly program repeatable inspections. Gather real-time data on a scheduled basis, or anytime on demand, ensuring reliable and accurate insights monitoring data 24/7.

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Remote Operations
Web-based control software enables remote monitoring and operations from any location. Stay connected and follow along as TRX600 conducts preprogrammed operations or take instant control to navigate inspections manually.

Embrace the autonomy of TRX600 and unlock the potential of remote operations. Monitor and control the robot from anywhere, enabling seamless data gathering and monitoring experiences. Stay in control, no matter where you are.

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Reliable & Self Sustaining

Uninterrupted Performance

Equipped with a fail-safe, self-contained charging system, this cutting-edge solution guarantees reliable operation in any environment.

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Versatility Across Applications

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Storage Facilities

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Process Control &

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