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Phase Rotation Testers


Combined Voltage Detector and Phase Rotation Indicator

The APPA VP-2 combines a high functioning volt stick with a RED/GREEN phase rotation indication. The voltstick flashes more quickly the stronger the voltage signal, simplifying live voltage identification in a crowded circuit board or cable run.

Megger PSI410

Phase sequence indicator

The Megger PSI410 phase rotation indicator provides rapid indication of correct phase sequence utilising a three bi-coloured LED display and a specific audible tone. Clockwise rotation is indicated by clockwise rotating green LEDs with a continuous tone and counter clockwise rotation has counter clockwise rotating red LEDs and a warbling tone. The unit has been designed to provide a slow rotational speed of the display to allow easy recognition of the direction of rotation. Dual phase colour coding has been adopted for the PSI410 to allow ease of use on both Brown / Black / Grey and Red / Yellow / Blue colour coded supplies.


Motor and Phase Rotation Indicator

Hand held, battery-operated instrument, to detect the rotary field of three-phase system and determine motor-rotation direction

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Phase Rotation Indicator

Phase rotation indicator is a hand held instrument to detect the rotary field of three-phase systems

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SEW 890PR Non-Contact Phase Sequence Indicator

CATIV 600V rated Non-Contact Phase Rotation Tester.

Test phase rotation and check for open phases. Flashing LEDs & buzzer.  1 meter safety leads fitted with non-contact alligator clips.  Brightness switch.  Magnets on rear casing to mount tester on distribution panels for hands free operation.  Range 150V to 1000VAC.  45Hz – 65Hz.