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Multifunction/Installation Testers

Megger MFT-X1

Multifunction tester

The UK designed and built MFT-X1, introduces the first generation of platform based Multifunction electrical installation testers to the Megger MFT range.

Rated to CATIV 300 V, the MFT-X1 is designed for use on all single or 3-phase domestic, commercial and industrial electrical installations. The range of individual tests allow the user to complete all the electrical commissioning, routine maintenance and reporting/certification requirements for an installation, as well as aid detailed fault diagnostics.

Megger MFT1845

The MFT1845 offers a wide range of test functions designed to make testing on low voltage electrical systems fast and easy. The MFT1845 is IEC 61010 CAT IV 300 V rated for safe connection anywhere within the LV network on single and 3 phase systems.

Megger MFT1835

The ULTIMATE in testing. Takes the capabilities of the 1825 to a new level with patented Megger ART earth testing technique plus stakeless earth testing, true RMS operation, and Bluetooth download.  The total industrial and commercial electrician’s package but also the leading choice for the power company field lines and substation maintenance teams!

Megger MFT1815

Designed for testing low voltage electrical installations to IEC 60364. It provides all the tests required to complete the necessary electrical certification for industrial, commercial and domestic fixed wiring installations.

Megger MFT1825

Our most popular model!! Move to the next level in testing but still stunningly good buying! Perfect for the industrial/commercial electrician plus (as CAT 4)  power company journeymen. All the great features of the MFT1710 plus has full range RCD tests including auto & ramp tests plus 3 phase RCD, programmable RCD, leakage current,  phase rotation, &  included calibration certificate. Includes remote operation probe to simplify operation.  Very capable earth testing capability that includes single clamp+ driven rod testing.

 “The choice of using the Megger MFT 1825 for our field crews was one of the best I have made. I reviewed a number of brands & Megger MFT1825 ticked all the boxes. Rugged reliability, accuracy, ease of use, back up service and training support was my main criteria. The team are Megger proud of their testers, finding it quick and easy to do the work required of them.”  WARREN ROBINSON - Lines Construction Manager of North Power Whangarei