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Megger MFT-X1

Megger MFT-X1

Multifunction tester

The UK designed and built MFT-X1, introduces the first generation of platform based Multifunction electrical installation testers to the Megger MFT range.

Rated to CATIV 300 V, the MFT-X1 is designed for use on all single or 3-phase domestic, commercial and industrial electrical installations. The range of individual tests allow the user to complete all the electrical commissioning, routine maintenance and reporting/certification requirements for an installation, as well as aid detailed fault diagnostics.


  • True LoopTM test with patented Confidence MeterTM
  • CertSuiteTM compatible Bluetooth® result transfer
  • Next generation 2-wire and 3-wire non-trip loop testing
  • User upgradeable operating system
  • High resolution 0.001Ω loop test
  • Automatic volt-drop measurement
  • Stabilised insulation test voltage
  • Configurable RCD and EV auto-sequence tests
  • Fast switch rechargeable plug-in battery pack
  • Full colour TFT bonded display
  • Re-designed lead set and carry case solution
  • IP54 operational housing


New interface

Not only have we redesigned the physical interface of the product for ease of use, we've created a more intuitive working experience. Enhancing the colour coded test selection rotary dial, range selection is now replicated on the instrument screen, ensuring easy use in poor lighting environments.

With new battery release technology we've made it easier than ever to swap between battery units, meaning you'll never have to wait for a charge.

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