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Cable Fire Protection and Life Extension

Protecting and prolonging the life span of electrical cables, FS has proven its worth for decades. We have an extensive reference list stretching from industrial plants, oil rigs and cruise ships to offshore wind farms. Our products are approved by leading classification societies and authorities.

Our core activities are:

  • Cable life extension
  • Cable repair
  • Fire protection

Cable Life Extension

A cost-effective alternative to cable replacement

FS Cable Life Extension program is a cost-effective solution to prevent premature or unnecessary cable replacements. Typically, any cables that are exposed to and affected by the environment should be considered for our Life Extension program to restore your cables and extend your operations at low cost.

Cable Fire Protection

Meeting industry standards

FS specializes in Class Approved passive fire protection of electrical cables by way of cable coating. Our applications can be completed on live cables with no disruption to your operations.

Guide PR610

Firefighter Thermal Camera

The PR series dual-purpose thermal imaging camera for rescue and detection empowers a new perspective for firefighters. It combines high resolution, a large display screen, multiple scene modes, temperature analysis functions, and a strong protection rating, which can break through the limitations of harsh environments such as high temperatures, high humidity, and thick smoke in fire scenes to help firefighters see the surrounding environment quickly and clearly, locate the fire and search for trapped individuals more accurately, providing users with more efficient and safe fire visualization solutions.