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Online Monitoring Systems

For critical machinery 24/7 vibration monitoring may be required. For this Adash have designed a range of units suitable for a raft of installation applications.

In reality these units are no more complicated than the handheld units and both platforms share the same database software.

Adash adaptive online vibration monitoring system - store less data, keep all the information, measure continuously.

Adash Product Catalogue

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Adash A3900 II

1 - Channel Online Monitoring System

The A3900 is a simple one channel online monitoring system. Measured value is displayed on the front panel and can be transferred to the control system through 4-20 mA current loop output. Green, yellow and red LEDs informs you about the machine/bearing vibration state. The A3900 unit includes one programmable output “ALARM” relay.

Adash A3800

Compact size on-line monitoring and diagnostic system

The A3800 is a compact size on-line monitoring and diagnostic system. Every factory has some critical machines on which the whole production rely on. Such a machinery should not be checked by portable devices on regular basis but they should be monitored continuously in order to know their “health” anytime. Information about vibration and related process values such as temperature, gives you and advantage of planned machinery repairs and decreases unexpected shut downs which are extremely expensive for your factory.

Adash A3716

16+ Channel Online Monitoring System

Monitor your critical machinery 24/7 with high-end A3716 online monitoring system. A3716 contains 16 AC channels for vibration measurements and 16 DC channels for process values such as temperature, pressure etc. All channels are measured fully simultaneously. 4 tacho / speed channels are included. Beside trending of vibration values you can measure more advanced measurements like Orbits, Centerline, SMax and more.