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Time to Throw on the Summer PPE Gear

Written by AVO NZ

AVO Blog DEC18 01

While most of us (the ones who met their targets) will be taking a week or so to unwind and mentally prep for the new year. Those of us who didn’t get into Santas good books have been put on the skeleton shifts, to make sure the building doesn’t burn down and to keep the servicing up.

AVO Blog DEC18 02

Speaking of servicing, now is the perfect time to book your gear in for an end of year check and calibration. Getting it done while you’re doing not much will help you kick 2019 off on the right note. The last thing you want on the first week back is meters that don’t read correctly!

Abraham Lincoln said: “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Now he managed to build a whole country, so we figure he knows what he’s talking about. It’s much the same when planning out jobs: take the time to understand the correct tools needed, then spend more time making sure they’re ready to do the job fast and effectively, and you’ll have more time for smoko.

AVO Blog DEC18 03

If you’re not keen on calibrating your equipment, we must assume that means you’re looking to trade up in 2019. No doubt we’ll have some good specials on in the new year (an elf told me so) but don’t count 2018 out yet – we still have a few days left and you need to get into your nearest Megger dealer to pick up the latest and greatest Megger MFT1825 before the price rise on Jan 1st.

AVO Blog DEC18 04

Finally, we’d like to end the year by inviting all our dedicated customers to give us feedback on our service. While we enjoy and strive to uphold the prestige that AVO has built over the decades, we would be daft not to check in with the people who make us great – our customers. We can only improve so much without your input, so we are asking for you to contact us with any comments on how you’ve found our team over this year. Good, bad or downright ugly, help us focus on being better in 2019 so we can serve you better, and make you look better to your own clients!

Thank you for making AVO what we are: a huge family of nerdy electricians working hard every day to keep everyone’s lights on.

All the best for 2019,

Trevor Lord & the Team at AVO