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Trends Using Industry Knowledge to Improve Your Business

Written by Peter McKaskell

Jan18 Trends

TL;DR: Equipment, legislation, knowledge, technology: these cornerstones to your income must be up-to-date and future ready. Are they? How much time do you spend on keeping up to date with current industry trends? Find out how to keep updated, what to ignore and when to make changes to your business based on what you learn.

Trends: Are They Important?

Large or small, companies that don’t innovate die. From Nokia to Kodak, we’ve seen mammoth international companies and industries take a nosedive or drop out of the race altogether. If we don’t know what’s old, new, or in the works, we simply cannot adjust what we do to survive and thrive in new markets.

Just like investing in your favourite Megger tester, keeping your industry brain in action and recalibrating it often makes every day at work smoother. Upgrading your knowledge will, 100%, help you make better business decisions, save money, improve your skillset and make invaluable connections within your industry.

Keeping Current: Transform Your Knowledge

There is a tonne of information being pushed out every minute of every day – from ranting opinion pieces to out the gate predictions, it can be hard to wade through the muck to find useful information, so sticking to the experts is the best way to ensure you’re getting qualified content.

The best place to start is with the professionals, the giants. Megger has a great news section which covers everything from their own products, internal changes and gives fantastic, cut-throat commentary on the international energy industry.

The Open Energy Market is a heavy hitter in the UKs commercial energy and utility sector. Their varied products make their blogs the perfect place to find a wide range of trusted commentary and trend-watching experts.

For a long-established publication you can’t go past PowerMag; their by-line says it best: Business & Technology for the Global Generation Industry Since 1882. For a real- world view on the energy market and its players, PowerMag is a must on your to-follow list.

For the business owners out there, check out BCG, a long-standing business consultancy firm that revolutionised the way America (and so the world, right?) approached business. Their long history has given them a firm grip on the various industries that influence the world's economies, which shows in the high calibre of their content.

Closer to home, the ElectroLink website has been created solely to keep us all current on the energy industry, with a view to provide insightful and actionable information.

Strengthen Your Flux: Grow Your Career

As you can see the number of great authorities in the energy industry and its various sectors. Keeping a finger on the state of energy around the globe has never been easier, and who knows what benefits you’ll see from staying ahead of the play!

If you commit to spending just half an hour a day to industry specific content you’ll reap the benefits in no time. Thanks to the internet, your research time doesn’t have to be boring: video, social media, blogs and forums all provide great platforms to absorb knowledge.

Before we jump into the trends to watch for 2019 (coming in our next update), there’s one more huge benefit you might be keen on picking up: Confidence. The more you read, watch and absorb other people’s experiences, opinions and ideas, the more confidence you’ll have about your own expertise – and the more your expertise will grow!

 Having that positive boost will open you up to better and brighter things in your future: maybe you will invest in furthering your education, enter industry competitions, or even expand your services as you find new interests within the industry. Sounds great right? So, let’s jump into it! Here’s to a more productive and profitable year, with many more to come.