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Megger EZT3D/EZT4


Compact Cable Fault Location System Specifically Engineered for LV Networks.

Megger EZ-Thump Series

The practical and efficient solution range for fast LV fault location.

When there is a cable fault, it is a race against time to get to the fault site.  The fault needs be found as soon as possible to keep customer outage times at a minimum and reduce the risk of Utilities being penalised.   But this is not always possible when relying on availability of larger, more expensive equipment such as fault location test vans.

All Megger EZ-THUMP models are compact and lightweight, simply-operated, battery and AC line operated, portable cable fault location systems. They are designed for quick, effective, accurate and safe fault locating operations to greatly reduce system customer outage minutes and at a significantly lower capital expenditure over truck mounted or transportable systems.

Megger’s EZ Thump series is truly portable, as its lightweight design gives it the ability to be transported in the trunk of a car, so you can get to the fault site immediately with no need for a special vehicle to get it to where it needs to be.

But what makes it really special is that it is a smart system.  The EZ Thump interface will guide you through the entire testing process, with each step pre-programmed so you do not need to know the testing sequence to quickly and easily carry out a test. In a stroke of genius, the EZ-thump uniquely shares the exact same front panel and operating system as the Smart-thump 16 and this offers a major attraction to customers seeking to have standardisation between LV and MV thumpers, especially when it is typically the case that MV thumpers would be used less often than the LV ones.

Due to their rugged yet portable enclosure, they are ideally suited for all typical fault locating operations on MV cable as well as on LV cables.  All test voltages feature a 500 Joule surge energy.

The exciting new dual range 1.5/3 kV, and the long-proven 4 kV single range units, offer a convenient solution for industrial fault locating applications up to 3 or 4 kV, street light fault locating or fault locating in LV power circuits in the utility industry.  The 1.5/3 kV set has greatly excited the New Zealand market as it offers at last a dedicated and powerful means to locate LV faults without overstressing the LV cables yet still maintaining the full surge energy!

Key benefits:

  • Easiest, fully automatic operation
  • All in one small and portable unit
  • ARM Relocation
  • Pinpointing with 500 J
  • Available as dual voltage 1.5/3kV or 4kV Versions
  • Bright, brilliant colour display
  • Battery operation

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pdf-iconCase Study 1 | EZ Thump: Finding the needle in the haystack

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pdf-iconCase Study 3 | The First Response to Cable Faults

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