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Guide H2

Guide H2

Intelligent Thermal Camera

With a built-in self-developed high-sensitivity IR detector, a 5MP visible light camera, and 5 focusing modes, Hammer Series, the high-precision thermal camera designed specifically for the industrial field helps users intuitively view high-definition images and temperature details of the target, with the classic "hammer" shape. 30Hz infrared frame rate for fast and accurate access to more temperature data of moving targets, far beyond the same level of products.

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High-sensitivity IR Detector

A new generation of self-developed infrared focal plane detectors with a resolution of 256x192 coupled with super-resolution reconstruction for high-quality imaging

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30Hz IRGD Frame Rate

IR video of raw data with frame rates up to 30Hz, ready to screenshot for temperature analysis

Wide-range Measurement with Rich Application Scenarios

Support auto-switching: -40℃ to 150℃, 0℃ to 650℃

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Real-time Presentation of Intuitive Temperature Data

IR, VL, MIF, and PIP modes provide a visual view of the target temperature data and automatically present the highest, lowest, and central temperatures of the full screen

OTA Upgrade for the Latest System Version

Upgrading speed increased by 25%, docking to WMS(Warehouse Management System)

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Imaging and optics

Detector type VOx, 7.5 to 14μm
Infrared resolution 256 × 192@12μm
Super resolution Yes, Upgrade to 512 × 384
NETD ≤45 mK
Infrared frame rate 30 Hz / 9 Hz
Focal length 10.5 mm
Field of view 25° × 19°
IFOV 1.70mrad
Minimum object distance 0.1m
D:S 588:1
Focusing mode Manual / Automatic / Touch autofocus / Continuous autofocus
Digital zoom 1.1x to 8x
Shot recognition Auto

Measurement and analysis

Measurement range Support auto-switching: -40°C to 150°C, 0°C to 650°C
Measurement accuracy ±2°C or ±2%, whichever is greater
Analyzed target Spot × 5, Line × 5, Area × 5
Tracking / Alarm Full screen maximum, minimum and average temperature tracking; The maximum, minimum and average temperature tracking of analyzed target; full screen temperature threshold alarm (image, voice and flash)
Temperature measuring parameters Emissivity, reflected temperature, target distance, humidity, atmospheric transmittance, optical transmittance, dew point
Others Customized physical button, Intelligent diagnosis, OTA update

Image display

Display screen 4.3’, 800×480 pixel touchscreen LCD
Digital camera 5 MP
Image mode IR, VIS, MIF, PIP
Image adjustment Level span mode: Automatic, Semi-automatic, Manual
Color palettes White Hot, Iron Red, Arctic, Rainbow 2, Hot Iron, Rainbow 1, Fulgurite, Medical, Tint, Black Hot, Blue Hot, Sepia, Green Hot, Ice and Fire, Amber, Customized


Recording function Photo and video (infrared & visible light)
Cloud Services Available

Storage and transmission 

Storage media Local storage (64 GB) and external SD card (64 GB and up to 256 GB)
Image storage JPG with temp info
Video storage MP4 format (without temp info) can be used to record audio synchronously; Irgd (with temp info), up to 30 Hz (optional) for temperature analysis
External interface Type-C, SD card slot, UNC ¼"-20 (Tripod mounting)
WIFI Yes, it can be connected to the mobile terminal for image and real-time video transmission
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0, support image transmission (only for Android)

Power system

Battery type Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Battery working time ≥5 hours
Charging mode TYPE-C charging; PC/portable charger; Capable of charging while using
Charging time 90% of full charge in 2.5 hours

Environmental parameters

Working temperature -20°C to 50°C
Storage temperature -40°C to 60°C
IP rating IP54
Drop 2m drop test
Certification CE, FCC, ROHS, KCC, Anatel, Damp heat test, Vibration test, Shock test, Impact test, UN38.3, MSDS

Physical parameters

Hardware Laser (Indication, Ranging 0.1m to 40m), Illuminator, Microphone, Speaker, Electronic Compass, GPS
Weight ≤1.15KG (with battery)
Size (L × W × H) 292 × 125 × 125 mm
Software kit PC: ThermoTools; Mobile: Thermography (iOS/Android)
Standard A device (with lens), Front and lens covers, Lithium-ion battery (2 pcs), Desktop charger, Power adapter, Adapter plug (for China, US, UK, Australia and Europe), Cable (double-headed TYPE-C USB), TYPE-C USB cable, Ethernet Cable, TYPE-C to RJ45, SD card (64 GB) , Wrist strap, Shoulder strap, Safety box, Packaging list, Quick Start Guide, Data download card (analysis software & user manual), Certificate of approval, Factory certificate
Options Battery, optional lens (44°, 15°, 7°, 25°), Carrying bog, Tripod, Bluetooth earphone, Docking station
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