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Twister Wire Connectors Kit

Ideal Twister Wire Connectors - Jar

Twister® Wire Connector Kit, Orange Tan Grey, Pack of 100

Making connections with an IDEAL Twister® wire connector is simple and up to 5 times quicker than the current method. IDEAL Twister® connectors compress and twist wires for a secure physical connection in only a few seconds.

  Description Part No.
  Twister® Wire Connector Kit, Orange Tan Grey, Pack of 100  
  Kit Includes:  
Ideal Twister 340 340 Orange Twister® Wire Connectors - Jar of 250 30-240JA
Ideal Twister 341 341 Tan Twister® Wire Connectors - Jar of 150 30-241JA
Ideal Twister 342 342 Grey Twister® Wire Connectors - Jar of 75 30-242JA
  • Exceptional wire-range capacity – three models handle conductors from 0.5mm2 to 10.0mm2
  • Swept-wing design provides improved leverage with less effort, especially on larger combinations
  • The square-wire spring picks up fast and provides secure connections
  • Can be used with cables that are stranded, solid or combination of both
  • Reusable with the same or larger wire size combinations
  • Suitable for earthing applications
  • Ribbed shell provides added grip and fast fingertip starts
  • Deep skirt protects against flash-over and turned-back strands for maximum dielectric strength
  • Tough, UL 94V-2 flame-retardant shell will not crack – even when applied to maximum wire combinations. Rated at 105°C
  • Complies to AS/NZS IEC 60998.1 and AS/NZS IEC 60998.2.4 Standards
Part No.: 30-5000A
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