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Megger PAT150


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pat150One of our most exciting and popular products, the robust, lightweight, and very cost-effective PAT150 is a market leader in PAT testing for the smaller user, offices, factories, or individual contractor keen to test their own appliances to save time and money.

Testing is a breeze with the PAT150…plug in the appliance and it does the rest automatically. The results are displayed in seconds along with a simple ‘tick’ to show the appliance has passed each test required.  With this simply-operated battery-powered tester you can test all your appliances, your power cords, and your RCD’s in moments and without having to be near a source of power to operate the tester.

At last, a the PAT150 offers a simple way to test appliances on the tailgate, the office bench, or out in the field, all with no compromise at all to delivering the best possible test quality and rigour!  Test books and test tags complete the picture and are offered as an optional compact kit.

Ask for a demonstration today to show how simple and appropriate a solution the PAT150 is for all businesses and busy contractors who cannot afford to give up their gear for outside testing!

  • Configurable testing
  • Live and battery powered testing
  • Functional asset testing
  • Lead null capability
  • Portable RCD compliance testing
  • RCD Test button confirmation
  • Individual test modes for fault diagnosis
  • Single and multiple bond testing
  • Fixed appliance testing
  • Built to survive
  • Meets and Exceeds the Requirements of AS3760/2010

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