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Cable and Phase Identification

Cable testing is a complex and variable field, often required supporting pieces of test equipment above and beyond the traditional thumper.

Cable Strike Avoidance

Cable Strike Avoidance:   In 2014 our sister operation, ‘LORD Civil’, was granted Australian patent AU 2005234659 B2:  METHOD FOR A QUALITY OF OUTCOME-BASED APPROACH TO THE LOCATION, MAPPING, AND MANAGEMENT OF SUB-SURFACE UTILITIES.  The patent was first filed on November 18th 2005 after many years of active commitment, research, and field trials by LORD Civil to raise and unify the ‘best practice’ in sub-surface utility location in both NZ and Australia.  This document also forms the basis of the LORD Civil IP used to inform our initial drafting in 2013 and subsequent revisionary input (in a practical implementation format) to the (then) SCIRT document ‘Best Practice Subsurface Utility Location’ also embraced (by permission of LORD Civil) locally by NZTA, the then CERA (Christchurch), and Christchurch City Council Cable strike avoidance to ensure at least 30% of cable failures are avoided.  Photo shows one of our 2 day competency-assessed training courses (based upon this patent) underway in Christchurch.

An exciting new range of Phase Identification products!

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Suparule Cable Height Meter

  • Dramatically reduces measuring time
  • Inherently safe
  • Designed for ease-of-use
  • Hand-held portability
  • Calibration and maintenance free operation
  • No physical connection to cables or wires
  • Measures the height of up to six overhead cables

Origo Wireless Phase Identification

4th generation PhaseID System

  • Simply purchase a G4 Field Probe, use our Smartphone App, and obtain reference phase from Origo’s worldwide Base Servers. 
  • The G4 System is not just another model.  It is an entirely new phase identification concept. 
  • Using a modern “Software Defined” architecture, the hardware doesn’t change. 
  • Future new features and phasing capabilities are implemented simply by upgrading the App and Server software. 
  • The App works with all previous Origo Field Probes including the hundreds of Lineman Field Probes still in use. 
  • The G4 Probe is the last Field Probe model you will ever have to purchase.

Megger Cable Identifier (CI and LCI Kits)

The positive identification of a single cable from a bunch poses a technical problem which is often faced by cable technicians.

The purpose of a cable identification is to avoid damage to cables in service with utmost reliability and to protect the operating personnel.