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Automated Relay Test Sets

Whether you are testing single-phase or more complex 3 phase relays, the SMRT Series provides comprehensive testing solutions to meet your needs. Our SMRT Series has the smart combination of high compliance voltage and high current to test all electromechanical, solid state and microprocessor based overcurrent relays, including voltage controlled, voltage restraint and directional overcurrent. These features, combined with the ability to daisy-chain multiple SMRT units, provide game-changing flexibility and testing options to ensue your testing needs are met.

Megger SMRT1

Single Phase Relay Test System:

  • Small, rugged, lightweight and powerful
  • Operate with or without a computer
  • Intuitive manual operation with Smart Touch View Interface
  • High current, high power (75 Amps/400 VA rms)
  • Network interface provides IEC 61850 test capabilities
  • Fully automated testing using RTMS software

Megger SMRT46 & SMRT46D

Megger's New SMRT46/D Multi-phase Relay Test System expands your testing abilities by adding a 4th voltage channel, giving you another game-changing tool to help you get your job done faster and more efficiently.

A fourth voltage channel can provide a synchronizing reference voltage, or serve as a battery simulator.  With the voltage channels converted to currents, a three channel unit can provide 6 currents for testing three phase current differential relays, including harmonic restraint transformer differential relays


Megger SMRT410 & SMRT410D

Meggers most powerful - Advanced Multiphase Relay Test Set

  • Integrated Smart Touch View Interface.
  • Multi-colored graphics with intuitive navigation
  • Stand-alone operation, no PC required to operate
  • High current output - 60 Amps at 300 VA per phase
  • Flexible output design provides up to 10 currents
  • Dynamic, Transient and GPS Satellite Synchronized End-to- End Testing Capability
  • IEC 61850 Testing Capability

Megger ERTS

Electronic Recloser Test Simulator

  • Rugged, Small, Light Weight, Field Portable
  • 14, 19, and 32 pin Cable Adapters Built-in
  • Used with Megger Relay Test Systems
  • Simulate Three-Pole or Single-Pole Trip and Reclose
  • Use Sequencer Test to Easily Perform Trip and Reclose Tests on both Electronic Controller and Recloser 

Megger MRCT

Relay and Current Transformer Test Set

  • Industry leading test duration using patented simultaneous multi-tap measurements reduces testing time by 20% on multi-tap CTs
  • Accuracy to support testing of metering and protection class CT
  • Integrated single phase relay test system
  • Grouped testing: demagnetization, knee points, ratios, saturation curves, winding
  • resistance insulation and more
  • Measure all ratios and saturation curves on multi-tap CTs with one lead connection
  • Optional DC excitation technique for testing CTs with kneepoints up to 30 kV
  • Optional Integrated VT/CVT test system