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Transformer and Primary Injection

Transformers have the single highest value of the equipment installed in substations reaching 60% of the total investment. Asset managers are constantly under pressure to improve the financial and technical performance of transformers, which has pushed utilities to assess the actual condition of their transformers. Condition assessment contributes to achieving the optimal balance between maintenance costs and operating performance and provides asset managers the economic and technical justifications for engineering decisions and capital replacement plans.

Complete transformer testing toolbox

There are several facets to a transformer’s overall health, so a full assessment requires a number of tests. Megger offers the broadest range of transformer test equipment in the industry, capable of delivering the most comprehensive picture of transformer health. Our instruments enable routine and advanced electrical testing techniques described and recommended in international standards such as IEEE, IEC and CIGRE. Moreover, our instruments and software tools are user-friendly, highly accurate and reliable to facilitate the management of your entire electrical testing program for power, distribution and instrument transformers.

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Transofrmer Testing Selection Guide

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Power Transformer Testing Poster

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