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Multifunctional Transformer Test Systems

MEGGER multifunction systems and van solutions are intuitive with all of the ease of working with individual, dedicated instruments.

Delivering this experience through design philosophy. Rather than producing a single, complex system with afterthought towards rendering it friendly, Megger uniquely combine several intelligent instruments packaged as a single system. This approach provides all the efficiencies that one would expect from a multifunction solution with all the comfortability and feel of working with a manageable single function instrument. For the user, this translates to a positive and unintimidating testing experience in spite of the comprehensive range of the system’s testing capability.

Power Transformer Test Vans

Comprehensive, portable transformer testing

  • Routine and advanced diagnostic tests
  • Centralized control and reporting
  • Two sets of cables (HV and LV) are shared among different instruments
  • Automated test circuit arrangement and switching process
  • Safe operation and user guidance through the tests
  • Easy extraction of mounted instruments for standalone use

Megger MWA

3-Phase ratio and winding resistance analyser

  • Combines TTR and resistance testing in one box - faster, more efficient testing
  • 55% smaller, 40% lighter than individual instruments
  • Only one set of leads required - lighter, smaller and less expensive
  • One test form - easier, faster to complete
  • Built-in demagnetisation

Megger TRAX

Multifunctional Substation Test System

  • Replaces need for multiple test sets
  • Saves time by eliminating need for multiple instruments learning
  • User-friendly interface reduces training and testing time
  • Portable and compact system components for easy shipping
  • State of the art measurement methods for advanced diagnostic testing