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Cable diagnostics

Megger TDS NT

Cable Test and Diagnostic System – PD, VLF CR, DAC

  • Two proven voltage wave shapes in one device
  • Standard compliant VLF cable testing with accompanying PD diagnosis
  • Non-destructive PD diagnosis by means of proven DAC voltage
  • 50 Hz Slope Technology for a direct comparison with the power frequency
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Megger TDM45 Series

Cable Test and Diagnostic System – PD, VLF Sinus, VLF CR, DAC, Tan Delta

  • Cable testing, cable diagnosis and sheath testing in one device
  • Enables standard compliant high power VLF testing at 0.1 Hz (5 µF @ 40 kVrms)
  • Internal tanDelta measurement with automatic result interpretation
  • Partial discharge diagnosis using VLF Sine wave, Damped AC or 50/60 Hz Slope technology voltages
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Cable Test Vans

Developed with the individual needs of our customers in mind, the Megger Cable Test Van Systems deliver superior ergonomics, optimum speed, user friendliness, and reliability. Incorporated into this unique test van concept are the requirements and field experiences of the users. The result is a test system that sets new benchmarks in cable fault location.

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